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At Cold Frog, we know the importance of new home plumbing system. When its about installing a plumbing system for a new home construction, people are often meticulous about every detail. They consider the house layout very carefully to choose the right products. Though, the whole plumbing system stays behind the scene but yet it is the most crucial aspect of a new home. Thus, plumbing system requires a reasonable amount of planning.

We, at Cold Frog Plumbing and Heating in Calgary, strive to craft a plumbing system that reliably works within the architectural parameters along with offering precise functioning. Our team will discuss your plumbing requirements to bring out the most innovative and up-to-date plumbing solution for your home. We provide you with the products that are energy efficient and cost effective. We make sure to eliminate all the potential plumbing hassles and deliver a well-functioning streamlined plumbing system.

What Do We Do?

Designing of Plumbing System Drain Laying Gas Fitting Pump Installation Hot Water Installation and Service Water Tanks Solar Water Heating Water softeners Tankless heaters Hot water tanks Sump pumps Hot Water Heat Pumps Eco-Friendly Solutions Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing Fixtures are a large set of equipments that are to be set before framing the walls. Our plumbers will make sure to cover the fixtures with cardboards and rugs to safeguard them from scratches and damages, while the other construction take place. The other elements such as sinks and commodes are fixed after finishing walls and laying the complete flooring.

Water Supply System

The main water supply line splits into two lines: one for cold water supply and the other one is connected to the hot water heater. The lines then supply hot and cold water from two distinct fixtures. Our plumbers maintain a manifold system that features two large panels with red and blue valves. Red and blue valve controls hot and cold water supplies to the appliances. Thus, homeowners can shut the water supply to the one fixture without affecting the water supply of the whole house.

Drainage Pipes

A 4 inches vent-and-soil stack runs vertically from ground floor to the above roof-line. The waste drains are connected to the stack that are further connected to the main sewer system which allow quick and instant outlet to the home waste. Our plumbers make sure that effective appliances and fixtures are installed that can work reliably for years and require less maintenance.

Why Us?

We, at Cold Frog Plumbing and Heating, strive to minimize your plumbing system related stress. We provide professional plumbers to carry out the each plumbing job meticulously. Our innovative techniques, planning and use of high quality systems comprise together to render high quality customer service.

Our experienced team will provide the expertise from design to finish to end-up with the most successful plumbing project in Calgary or elsewhere in Alberta. We guarantee project completion within the time schedules and budgets along with 100% customer satisfaction.

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